Namiki Emperor Maki-e Owl

Namiki Emperor Maki-e Owl

Maki-e Namiki Emperor was created by maki-e Yutaka craftsman in Japan in early 2015. It features the Togidashi-Taka Maki-e technique (burnished raised maki-e) and Rankaku. This fountain pen has an 18k gold nib in massive size #50. The large capacity barrel is filled with ink via dropper and the pen is packaged in a wooden box with an ink bottle. Each pen takes months to create.

In Japanese culture, the owl, or "Fukuro", means luck and protection from hardship or suffering. Using ebonite as a base, rankaku Maki-e is used to draw both owls on the pen, and the Raden technique is used to incorporate the eyes of owls into making them shine. A layer of transparent urushi varnish is then used to protect the surface of the pen giving it a glossy shine. Rankaku's artwork is simply outstanding.

On the pen you can see two owls. The owl on the hat is perched on a tree of Quercusserate, demonstrating the exceptional ability of the nocturnal bird to search for its prey in the quiet of the night. The owl in the barrel is depicted silently flapping its wings and rushing to its prey.
The Rankaku technique is a unique method by which patterns are designed using powder or small pieces of shells. They are fixed in the paint, and subsequently coated with another layer of paint. The lacquer layer is then burnished to reveal the design of the pen. The Raden technique, on the other hand, is a technique whereby the layer of various abalone shells is crumbled into thin layers. Then they are cut into small pieces before being coated with urushi lacquer to hold them in place. The urushi is then burnished to create a finish.


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