Aurora Pens

Aurora Pens

Most famous Aurora pens?
The Aurora pens most popular are: Hastil Aurora, Aurora 88, Aurora Thesi, Auretta Aurora, Aurora Optima.

When Aurora pens are born?
Aurora pens were born in 1919 in Turin by the desire of Isaiah Levi, a wealthy textile merchant and financier of those years.

Where are Aurora pens made?
The Aurora pens are manufactured in Italy, the brand is 100% made in Italy and with Tibaldi and Montegrappa the company competes for the primacy of the first Italian company in pens production.

How Aurora pens started?
Aurora initially focuses on the imagination of the American pens models but the success was not long in coming. As early as 1927 it was created the series Duplex, the historical pen that still collects consensus and interest among the collectors. Aurora's pens production house has always been active and characterized by a strong nationalist spirit that has allowed us to consolidate and confirmed its position as one of the most important Italian houses production of fountain pens.

What is the average price of Aurora pens?
The Aurora pens have an entry price of about 30 Euros (Aurora Magellan line) and can exceed 10,000 Euros with the limited series Aurora gold. In our experience the price range with more feedbacks for Aurora's pens is around 100 Euros.