Pelikan Pens

Pelikan Pens

Most famous Pelikan pens?
Pelikan pens are the most famous Pelikan Souveran Pelikan series 150, Pelikan 1000, Pelikan Toledo.

When Pelikan pens are born?
Pelikan pens were born in 1871 from a desire to Günther Wagner.

Where Pelikan pens are made?
Pelikan pens are produced in Germany.

How Pelikan pens started ?
Although the brand Pelikan was recorded only in 1878, the company's roots dates back to 1832. The very beginning of the historic pens production are awarded to the chemist Carl Hornemann, the son of an engraver plates and art teacher. Pelikan initially focused on the Austrian market, but already in 1895 the expansion takes international characters. The 1898 is an important year for the Pelikan company, is the introduction year of the inks 4001 line (still in production!). During the First World War, Pelikan faced a sharp drop in sales due to the fact that about 40% of the production was destined for abroad. In 1931 saw the light the pen considered the masterpiece between Pelikan pens, The Toledo, characterized by a steel band and plated in gold. Another date to remember is the 1950, where was introduced on the market the 400 series green black, perhaps the most identified Pelikan model . The 60's were hard years for all Pelikan manufacturers fountain pens, but we can say with pride that Pelikan business has remained virtually uninterrupted from the first years of creation.

What is the average price of Pelikan pens?
From our experience, the price range of Pelikan pens with more feedbacks is around 80 Euros.