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Sailor Pen

Sailor Pen

Sailor pens

Sailor's history is one of the oldest and most enduring in the production of Japanese pens. Sailor, born in 1911, initially concentrates on the production of ammunition for the navy, but soon Kiugoro Sakata, founder of the company, falls in love with the world of fountain pens and radically changes the production of Sailor. It is enough to meet a dear English friend (to whom we are all grateful today) who, showing him a fountain pen, makes Sakata fall in love  and decides to dedicate his efforts to perfecting all the details.
Sailor today boasts more than 300 specialists who, with their savoir-faire, are able to build those who are unilaterally recognized among the best nibs in the world. The headquarters of the pen production company is in Tokyo, the production in Hiroshima (place of foundation) and, due to the great demand, branches have been opened in the USA and UK.
Sailor, thanks also to the collaboration of Nabuyoshi Nagahara (74 years of which 59 passed to design and perfect nibs) and his son Yukio, is able to create truly unique and very smooth nibs even in the finest strokes.
Another flagship of Sailor is the possibility of using 360 ° nibs, that is turned upwards, for an even finer stretch.

The Sailor pens that have made the history of the Japanese house over the years are:
Sailor 1911
Sailor Sapporo
Sailor Maki-e series

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