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Pilot Pens

Pilot Pens

Most famous Pilot pens?
The most popular Pilot pens are: Pliot Capless.

When Pilot pens are born ?
Pilot pens were born in 1918 in Tokyo from Ryosuke Namiki and Matsuo Wada.

Where Pilot pens are made?
Pilot pens are produced in Japan.

How Pilot pens started?
The production house of Pilot pens initially focuses on the production of imitations of American models already established in the market. In the following years, however, the Pilot pens have distinguished themselves for their quality (due to a very high standard of workmanship) and innovative capacity. Pilot inventors were responsible for the discovery of Laccanite, a material that unlike ebonite do not deteriorated so easily (especially for the climatic conditions of the country). The Pilot pens were also the first to use the Maki-e decoration process. An important year for Pilot was the1950 ,when he introduced the Super, but the real turning point was probably in 1964 when it was presented the Pilot Capless, characterized by a falling stylus into the body 's pen with a push mechanism.