Historical Discontinued Pens

For more than forty years the Stilografica Milano has been committed to satisfy the most particular requests of all enthusiasts and collectors of fountain pens.

For a long time we had the honor and exclusivity of store and offer in our shop some models of historical fountain pens, whose accurate and long conservation has given them a character more and more unique and inimitable over the years.

We are pleased to have made La Stilografica Milano an exclusive reality, offering our customers a range of products with a great value and historical and cultural importance.

Uniqueness is a characteristic that settles in the particular and in the individual and, for this reason, inside our shop such models of historical fountain pens are no longer available, as they are no longer in production.

Nevertheless, we do not set aside our desire to give importance to historical value, so in this section we want to show you all the models of historical fountain pens that have contributed to enrich the history and experience of La Stilografica Milano.