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Porsche Design Pens

Porsche Design Pens

The most popular Porsche Design Pens are: PORSCHE DESIGN P3110 TECFLEX, PORSCHE DESIGN MIKADO, PORSCHE DESIGN P3140.

In the early 70' s, the Porsche and Piech families retired from their automotive companies. In 1974, Ferdinand Alexander Porsche retires in Zell am See, in Austria and establishes his own design studio, where he designs objects such as cups, pens and watches….. realizing his dream. As early as 1973,he had assets a chronograph bracelet with his own designed, but it was not an immediate success. He begins to work with the Orfina Watch company in Grenchen, Switzerland, a company founded in 1922 but without leaving any trace of relief. But things started to change in 1976, when a very special lines of Porsche Design watches made their debut, and in particular a model much more appreciated by collectors, a black steel chronograph with an automatic anodized winding.
The watch industry was very intrigued by this particular watch that costs as much as a Rolex Oyster chronograph, for the market, however, was not a bad thing! Soon, Porsche Design watch, became a myth. The Porsche Design Orfina was one of the most extraordinary watches of the 70's. Their advertising campaign was set in an open space, where the Orfina clock was in the wrist of a pilot at the wheel of a Porsche. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche, also had the idea to use avant-garde materials such as titanium to achieve its watches. So he created the needs to find a partner with more technical expertise than Orfina Watch Co. In 1978 was born a new line of watches, IWC Porsche Design brand. The success was immediate once again among collectors. However the cooperation with IWC did not change the contractual obligations with Orfina, which lasted until 1986, the year of expiry. Thanks to IWC and its experience in the field of materials and Porsce Design, watches became over the years very innovative, becoming great classics nowadays, such as the world's first chronograph made of titanium or the first watch with aluminum compass. In 1995 finally the turning point. The FAP (Ferdinand Alexander Porsche) takes possession of the watch factory Eternal Watch.
What Porsche had started in '76 in Grenchen,kept doing 100 meters from Orfina, but this time with their own factory, becoming responsible for the manufacture of watches. This obviously means the end of the cooperation with IWC, which lasted nearly 20 years. Eternal ends up in good hands. Many people tend to underestimate the Eternal brand, which has contributed and continues to contribute to the watchmaking. One of the inventions of the Eternal was the ball bearing on the rotor, which came to be part of their logo with 5 balls and today, it is a custom of most automatic movements. In 1998 Eternal reintroduces what was the first line of titanium watches, the P011 and the PAT aluminum and titanium. So, the only thing that changes from the first Porsche Design today, is the disappearance of the mark of the manufacturer, which is now engraved on the back with the name of the Eternal.

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