Waterman Pens

Waterman Pens

Most famous Waterman pens ?
The most popular Waterman pens are : Edson Waterman, Waterman Expert Waterman Carene.

When Waterman pens are born?
Waterman pens were born in 1883 in New York by the idea of Lewis Edson Waterman.

Where Waterman pens are made ?
Waterman pens are produced in France.

How Waterman pens started ?
It is said that the history of pens Waterman was born out of the malfunction of a fountain pen bought by Lewis Waterman (insurer at the time), malfunction caused him the lost of a contract to the same due to a loss of ink. Lewis W. took it as a personal challenge, found the problem and solved it by improving the functioning of the object. The first year of production for Waterman pens are quite obscure, it is known that in 1883 they introduced the first multi-channel power supply that was more efficient models compared to previous.At the beginning the production focused on models in ebonite eyedropper filler. In 1910, Waterman introduces the clips on their pens and loading type ''safety'' allowing the nib to fit inside the body of the pen, and these were just the golden years of Waterman. The company was one of the few reeds not suffer excessively the War, (in particular the Second World War) and had no major impact even in the 60's (years famously recognized as the hardest for ball point pens) . Waterman is currently owned by the Sanford, holding among Parker.

What is the average price of Waterman Pens?
From our experience, the price range of Waterman pens with more feedback is around 60 Euros.