Platinum Pen

Platinum Pen

The Platinum Pens, Japanese fountain pens of great value, were born in 1919, thanks to the innovative ideas and dedication of the founder Shunichi Nakata. The entrepreneur began selling his fountain pens by mail order throughout Japan, leading the company to grow rapidly and adopt the name of Platinum Pen Company, a name by which it is still known worldwide. Nakata also changed the company logo, opting for a terrestrial globe and its initials "SN", separated by a star. Among the company's best known successes, the Honest 60 cartridge fountain pen in 1957, equipped with a nib feeder to prevent ink dripping A massive promotional campaign focused on TV commercials under the slogan "Good Bye Ink Bottle" is being conducted in these years of flourishing economic development, which has had enormous resonance in the industry. Platinum Pen Company continues with its avant-garde productions and creates a K18 gold nib, thus producing its first luxury fountain pen. The design of the pentagonal nib solves the problem of the excessive softness of K18 gold, thus exploiting its resilience for a better writing experience. In addition, the sheen of K18 gold emphasizes the luxurious image of these new styled pens. lographic and makes them quickly appreciated in the public. Platinum Pen Company still continues, after many years of success, to design and produce cutting-edge fountain pens with a unique design.

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