Parker Pens

Parker Pens

Most famous Parker pens ?
The most popular Parker pens are : Parker 51, Parker 75, Parker Ciselè, Parker Duofold, Parker Jotter.

When Parker pens are born ?
Parker pens were born in 1888 by the entrepreneurial desire of George Parker, a telegraphy teacher.

Where Parker pens are made?
Parker pens are produced in France.

How Parker pens started ?
The production house of Parker pens focuses, in the first years of life, the production of ebonite pens and coated in silver. The 1921 is a crucial year for Parker, it is introduced to the market the famous parker Doufold that had a cost of $ 10 (for those times held a high-end market). Another milestone in the history of Parker was 1951, the introduction year of Parker 51, this model was characterized by the stylus cover and the plastic resin used for the body. Parker Jotter was born in 1954 , still one of the leader pens in the economy segment. The production house of Parker pens has always remained active and is now owned by Newell Rubbermaid, which owns also Waterman.

What is the average price of Parker pens?
One of the winning features of Parker is that it has a wide range of products covering all segments of the market. From 9.50 Euros for the very successful Jotter up to several thousand Euros for the collectible pens.