Spalding Pens

Spalding Pens

Most famous Spalding pens?
The most popular Spalding pens is: Spalding & Bros Aluminum Classic

When Spalding pens are born?
It is not easy to say precisely when Spalding pens were born, but we can say that Albert Spalding founded the company in 1876.

Where Spalding pens are made?
Spalding pens are produced in the United States of America.

How Spalding pens started ?
Albert Spalding proved to be not only an excellent athlete, but also a brilliant entrepreneur in 1885, when he opened his first shop Spalding in New York and more specifically on Fifth Avenue. After only 15 years of business, Spalding had already opened 14 stores and some of these were landed overseas. The company has always focused on innovation and research, adding to the sport line also luxury accessories dedicated to a demanding and refined costumer.

What is the average price of Spalding pens?
From our experience, the price range for Spalding pens with more feedback is around 30 Euros.