Cross Pens

Cross Pens

Most famous Cross pens?
The most popular Cross pens are: Cross Century, Cross Century II.

When Cross pens are born?
Cross pens were born in 1846 from the desire of business man Alonso Townsend Cross, British jeweler who moved to the United States.

Where Cross pens are made?
Cross pens are produced in the United States.

How Cross pens started?
Cross pen's company initially focuses on the production of mechanical pencils and it is only in 1885 that Cross introduced into production even fountain pens. During the II World War the production of pens was completely cut off, and resumes at the end of the conflict. In those years, Cross became the main supplier of mechanisms for Parker pencils. Currently Cross pen's company is probably best appreciated for the production of micromine, although the fountain pens and ballpoint pens are very good made.

What is the average price of Cross pens?
In our experience the price range with more feedback for Cross pens is around 50 Euros.