Omas pens

Omas pens

Most famous Omas pens?
The most popular Omas pens are : Omas Italian Art, Omas Bologna.

When Omas pens are born?
Omas pens were born in 1925 from the desire of business Armando Simonini.

Where Omas pens are made?
Omas pens are produced in Italy.

How Omas pens started ?
Armando Simonini was 34 years old when he created the company, in the '30s creates the dodecahedral line, but it is only the beginning of a career that will be characterized by the creation of fountain pens and not of the highest quality and innovation. After the death of Armando Simonini in 1958 was the daughter Raffaella and her husband to perpetuate the spirit and philosophy of the Omas Bologna. At the end of 2007, the majority of Omas is purchased from Xinyu Hengdeli Group, a public company listed on the stock exchange.

What is the average price of Omas pens?
In our experience the price range fot the Omas pens with more feedbacks is around 200 Euros.