Lamy Pens

Lamy Pens

Most famous Lami pens ?
The most popular Lami pens are : Lamy Safari, Lamy 2000, Lamy Spirit.

When Lami pens are born?
Lamy pens were born from the idea of Joseph Lamy in Heidelberg in 1930, the name was initially Orthos Fullhalterfabrik C. J. Lamy.

Where Lamy pens are made?
Lamy pens are produced in Germany.

How Lamy pens started ?
Joseph Lamy, founder of the Lamy pens, came from the export sector of Parker pens. His entrepreneurial desire led him in 1930 to found the studio of Lamy pens. The first patent, dates back to 1933, years in which the models were based primarily to the Duofold pens (the historical Parker pen). The first branded Lamy model officially dates back to 1952 and it is the Lamy pen 27.The most important feature of these Lami pens, is to maintained a constant search of style and design, also investing heavily on the quality and production techniques.

What is the average price of Lamy pens?
In our experience the price range with more feedback for Lamy pens is around 20 Euros.