Delta Pens

Delta Pens

Most famous Delta pens?
The most popular Delta pens are: Delta Dolce Vita Collection

When Delta pens are born?
Delta pens were born in 1982 by the three founders Ciro Matrone, Nino Marino, Luigi Muscente.

Where Delta pens are made?
Delta pens are produced in Italy.

How Delta pens started?
Although Delta company' s history is relatively recent,various are the awards and praises received internationally. To Delta goes the record of first carbon and titanium writing instruments manufacturer (Extrema collection). In 1994, Delta pens have been the official sponsor of the G7 Summit, in 1996 the city of Venice commissioned Delta the production of its first official pen and contributed, with a percentage of turnover,in the renovation of the ancient boat '' La Serenissima ".
Other collections of great international value concerned the pen for the fiftieth commemoration Anniversary of Israel State foundation (1948 - 1998), as well as for Nazareth 2000. One of the last in order of time, the pen dedicated to the World peace, called'' Peace'', intended as a gifts to the winners of the journalism and television " Ilaria Alpi'' award.

What is the average price of Delta pens?
In our experience the price range with more feedback for Delta pens is around 250 Euros.