Mont Blanc Writers Edition Jonathan Swift

The Mont Blanc Writers Edition Jonathan Swift represents the tribute that Montblanc dedicates to the Irish writer, author of "Gulliver's Travels". This collection, like all Writer's Editions, is in a limited edition.

The Jonathan Swift series is embellished with engravings and significant details that evoke the most famous moments in history that inspired it.

The fountain pen, in precious black resin, is decorated with inlays reminiscent of the ropes with which the Lilliputians captured and tied Gulliver.

The cap top, in addition to bearing the original signature of the writer, has the shape of a tricorn, the characteristic hat worn by the protagonist.

A small scale, used by the tiny Lilliputians to communicate with Gulliver, was reproduced on the clip.

Finally, what makes this work of great craftsmanship even more special is the 18k gold nib, rhodium finishes, where a refined engraving of surprising precision represents the scene in which the Lilliputian army marches under the legs of the "giant" Gulliver.

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